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Who are us?

We are a professional eq2 platinum service provider.

We have been doing Game online Currency exchange and Power Leveling Business for 7 years, such as WOW, Aion, Atlantica Online, Maple Story, DFO, Last chaos, etc.

Therefore, we know what customers really need.


Paying us via PayPal

We can promise you that all your financial information which you have handed in is protected. There is no need for you to reveal your credit card information. You can pay for game gold by credit card if you don't have a PayPal account. You just need to fill in the credit card information on Paypal.com which is linked from the payment page of our site.

Read more on the PayPal page http://www.paypal.com


Online Service 24 * 7

We are providing online service for the whole day of 24 hours, and 7 days of the whole week, you can contact our live chat or other contact through any way (for instance, MSN, Yahoo, Aim, etc.) whenever you want, and whatever you want to know. Our customer service will help you with any kinds of problems which you might meet in shopping.


Smooth and Safe

Our delivery time is in 5mins to 24 hours, at most time you can have eq2 plat in 10mins. Sometimes, gold is in short supply in market, however we will tell you that in advance and you can still get it in 24 hours. You can just take it easy to wait for it.